Submitting Studies

The form for submitting or editing an existing Study is available at

A Study is an experiment that takes place at a location to measure a variety of phenotypes. It is one of the main forms that you will need to complete and has a number of fields:

    "type": "Feature",
    "properties": {
        "Id": 0,
        "plot_id": 60,
        "BUFF_DIST": -0.2,
        "ORIG_FID": 5
    "geometry": {
        "type": "MultiPolygon",
        "coordinates": [
                    [-0.396041480123381, 51.803951709489667],
                    [-0.396060782373093, 51.803947819495299],
                    [-0.396099327120226, 51.804021327278761],
                    [-0.396080024842019, 51.804025217279019],
                    [-0.396041480123381, 51.803951709489667]


The next set of values take into account the gaps between plots within the field as well as the routes to allow tractors to navigate the field and perform the drilling. In the next list of parameters, these groups of plots between the tractor tracks are referred to as a block

Default plot data

To make the plots data easier to enter if you have a standard layout, you can set some default parameters here and Grassroots will automatically create a partially-completed spreadsheet for plots data for this Study. The values that can be set are:

To automatically generate the spreadsheet of Plot data, at least both of the Number of plot rows and Number of plot columns parameters need to be specified. Grassroots will generate a row in the spreadsheet for each unique possible combination of the row, column and replicate values.

Treatment Factors

You can specify Treatment Factors that are used in this Study so that they can be added to the Plots spreadsheet data. To begin with find the Treatments that you want to use in this Study by using the Search Treatments service and put the unique name of the Treatment, it will likely begin with PECO:, into the Treatment name box. Next you can define the Treatment Factor values that you wish to use in the Treatment Factors to upload field. This is a table with two columns:

For example, we could choose PECO:0007102, which is the ontology term defining nitrogen fertilizer exposure, as the Treatment that we are interested in. Then, in its table of values, we could have

Label Value
N1 0-20 mg/L
N2 21-50 mg/L
N3 51+ mg/L

So when submitting Plots, you can have a column in the spreadsheet with PECO:0007102 as the header and either N1, N2 or N3 as the values for each Plot entry row.

Add Treatment Factors

Press the + button to add a new set of treatment factors, and under each of them press Add Row to add new Labels and Values.


If more people are involved in a particular study, it is possible to acknowledge them by adding them as contributors. It is possible to add as many contributors as needed. To add extra contributors, press the + button and then enter their name and email address. optionally, you can also add role, affiliation and ORCID.

Add Contrubutors