Submitting Field Trial Plots

The form for submitting or editing existing Plots is available at

Plots can be added to the study using a table

The form for submitting field trial plots

Firstly, select the study that you wish to add the plots for from the drop down menu. The table and form on the page below will load the existing plot information from the database.

The columns that the spreadsheet can contain are:

* denotes the required values for each row in the spreadsheet.

All of the column headings are case-sensitive and the order of them in your spreadsheet does not matter. As well as these columns, you can also add columns to specify Treatment Factors, for crop treatments of the plot, and Measured Variables for phenotypic values.

Treatment Factors

Treatment Factors can be added as extra columns. To specify the Treatment Factors to add search for the terms you want on the Search Treatment Factors page. The column headers that you need to put in the spreadsheet are the Treatment Ontology values from here.

For example, if you wanted to add Nitrogen fertilizer exposure as a Treatment Factor to the spreadsheet, you would search at the above page and get a similar view to the screenshot below

Search for a Treatment

Copy the value from the Treatment Ontology column, which in this example is PECO:0007102 and add this as a column header to the plots spreadsheet

Measured Variables

Measured Variables can be added as extra columns as follows:

Add Measured Variables dialogue

To add data, make sure to add the Measured Variables first. They can be found from the page in the link above, when a Measured Variable is entered in the above pop-up window (e.g. SLA_M_m2kg1), three new columns will be created in the table. These three columns are for the phenotypic value, the date in YYYY-MM-DD format that the value was measured and a column for any corrected value that is calculated after further analysis. These columns are the name of the Measured Variable, the name followed by “ date” and the name followed by “ corrected”. So for our example Measured Variable above, the three columns would be:

Press “Add Row” for each row of the plots to be added with the relevant info, or you can download an Excel file to edit offline.

Once completed, a filled Excel file can be imported to the table using the drop zone above the table with the heading Plot data to upload. The table will then be filled with the information from the uploaded Excel file. The spreadsheet columns are matched by the column header name so it is important if a treatment is added make sure they are present in the web form’s table too. The import will work without them but those columns will be ignored.

Importing through an Excel file will now be done at background without populating the table below the file drop area, after processing is done, a message will appear as below: New columns