PluginOperationNameServiceMatcher Struct Reference

A ServiceMatcher that matches a Service by its Plugin name and an Service name. More...

#include <service_matcher.h>

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Data Fields

PluginNameServiceMatcher ponsm_base_matcher
 The base matcher for matching by Plugin name. More...
const char * ponsm_operation_name_s
 The Service name to match. More...
- Data Fields inherited from ServiceMatcher
RunServiceMatcherCallback sm_match_fn
 Callback function to run against a given Service to see if is a match. More...
DestroyServiceMatcherCallback sm_destroy_fn
 Callback to call when destroying a custom ServiceMatcher. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from ServiceMatcher
ServiceMatcherAllocateServiceMatcher (void)
 Allocate an empty ServiceMatcher. More...
ServiceMatcherAllocateResourceServiceMatcher (Resource *resource_p, Handler *handler_p)
 Allocate a ResourceServiceMatcher. More...
ServiceMatcherAllocateOperationNameServiceMatcher (const char *name_s, const char *alias_s)
 Allocate a NameServiceMatcher. More...
ServiceMatcherAllocatePluginNameServiceMatcher (const char *plugin_name_s)
 Allocate a PluginNameServiceMatcher. More...
ServiceMatcherAllocatePluginOperationNameServiceMatcher (const char *plugin_name_s, const char *service_name_s)
 Allocate a PluginOperationNameServiceMatcher. More...
ServiceMatcherAllocateKeywordServiceMatcher (void)
 Allocate a KeywordServiceMatcher. More...
bool RunServiceMatcher (ServiceMatcher *matcher_p, Service *service_p)
 Run a ServiceMatcher on a given Service. More...
void FreeServiceMatcher (ServiceMatcher *matcher_p)
 Free a ServiceMatcher. More...

Detailed Description

A ServiceMatcher that matches a Service by its Plugin name and an Service name.

Find a Service by matching the name of the Plugin that it was loaded from as well as having a matching Service name too.

Field Documentation

◆ ponsm_base_matcher

PluginNameServiceMatcher ponsm_base_matcher

The base matcher for matching by Plugin name.

◆ ponsm_operation_name_s

const char* ponsm_operation_name_s

The Service name to match.

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