MongoDB Jobs Manager


To build this service, you need the grassroots core and grassroots build config installed and configured.

The files to build the MongoDB Jobs Manager are in the build/<platform> directory.


If you enter this directory

cd build/linux

you can then build the service by typing

make all

and then

make install

to install the manager into the Grassroots system.


To use this JobsManager module on the Grassroots system, you need to add an entry to the global configuration file grassroots.config:

"jobs_manager": "mongodb_jobs_manager",

which specifies that this module will be used.

The module can be configured by adding a section called mongodb_jobs_manager where you can override the default database (this defaults to grassroots) and collection (this defaults to jobs) names. e.g.

"mongodb_jobs_manager": {
"database": "my_database",
"collection": "my_collection"

would specify to use a database called my_database and a collection called my_collection.