Dropbox handler

The Dropbox handler allows the Grassroots Server to access any files and directories stored on a Dropbox system. Its use the Dropbox C and liboauth libraries.

Handlers are components that abstract out common I/O operations such as opening and closing files as well as reading and writing to them. By using the Handler API, any component in the Grassroots infrastructure can access these resources without having to worry about how or where they are stored.


To build this handler, you need the grassroots core and grassroots build config installed and configured.

The files to build the Dropbox handler are in the build/<platform> directory.


Enter the build directory

and create a *user.prefs* file.
```cp example-user.prefs user.pref

You will need to edit this file to configure where the Dropbox handler dependencies are stored. The file content is similar to the following

# dropbox dependencies
# Set this to where you have the dropbox and liboauth directory
# containing "include" and "lib" subdirectories.

Adjust the DROPBOX_HOME and OAUTH_HOME variables to where you have the mongo-c-driver installed. You can then build the handler by typing

and then
```make instal

to install the handler into the Grassroots system where it will be available for use immediately.