Grassroots Infrastructure
The Grassroots Infrastructure is a suite of computing tools to help users and developers use scientific data infrastructure that can easily be interconnected.

The Grassroots Infrastructure project aims to create an easily-deployable suite of computing middleware tools to help users and developers gain access to scientific data infrastructure that can easily be interconnected.

With the data-generative approaches that are increasingly common in modern life science research, it is vital that the data and metadata produced by these efforts can be shared and reused. The Grassroots Infrastructure project wraps up industry-standard software tools with a consistent API that can be federated on a number of levels. This means institutions and groups can deploy a simple lightweight virtual machine, expose local data, connect up any existing data services, and federate their instance of the Grassroots with others out-of-the-box.

The Grassroots Infrastructure uses a controlled vocabulary of JSON messages to communicate, so any server or client that can understand JSON can be used to access and connect to the platform. We provide infrastructure to ensure that the scientific data remains the important factor, and not the worry about how to build a system to expose your data.


  • introduction_guide


  • Build tools
  • how_to_set_up_server_guide
  • admin_guide
  • configuration_guide
  • service_configuration_guide


  • Services
    • blast_services_guide
    • ensembl_service_guide
    • example_service_guide
    • irods_search_service_guide
    • polymarker_service_guide
    • samtools_service_guide
    • pathogenomics_service_guide



  • user_guide


Service development


  • Handlers
    • dropbox_handler_guide
    • file_handler_guide
    • http_handler_guide
    • irods_handler_guide